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Instructor Education



Instructor“ is not a recognized training profession in Germany, so we have made it our mission to create our own certified training routine.

The necessity of this already arises from the Occupational Health and Safety Act. A fair assessment of the training participants, taking into account psychological and social components, is only possible if a sound training is the basis of action.


What we are able to do for you

Basic training Instructor B

approx. 4.900 € net
  • Duration: min. 12 days incl. intermediate exam

Continuing education instructor A

approx. 3.500 € net
  • Duration: min. 5 days

Seminar Instructor Training

approx. 2.450 € net
  • Duration: 1,5 days
  • Contents: Legal requirements, occupational safety, driver evaluation, practice setups and driving dynamics
  • Locations: Bosch Test Center Boxberg, Segula Rodgau

What makes our service so special


Instructor training according to ISO 9001:2015.

Driver evaluation

Sound driver evaluation with own software and hardware routines according to DIN 33430.


Resilient documentation of all processes with regard to occupational health and safety and legal security, risk and hazard analyses etc.


Many years of international experience in the field of training and further education of instructors.

We will advise you personally

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