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We are your reliable partner

Driving Concept develops purposeful automotive concepts for ambitious clients, ensures the optimal use of valuable budgets, provides smooth organization and flexible, but on-time implementation. We develop ideas for the real world and highly competitive markets. When and where is determined by our customers. Our services are tailor-made, focused on the individual needs of our clients. Determined, efficient, effective and proven in practice. The result: We put our customers, their products and services in the best light for the long term.

Driver Education

The weakest point of a car is often behind the steering wheel. We make sure that changes.

Instructor Education

Our instructors are among the best in the business. Because they learned from the best in the business.

Vehicle testing | Road tests

How to get better and better: „Smart by trial and error“. Especially through driving tests.


Maximum driving safety thanks to optimum technical support.

Vehicle Logistics

Sometimes even vehicles need vehicles. We have them – including personnel.


An exciting topic – presented in an electrifying way.